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Athlete-2 Gymnastik Set S723

Athlete-2 Gymnastik Set S723

We should take care more of our health and health of our children. That is why outdoor exercises are efficient from very childhood. There are a number of outdoor activity benefits. Kids will get a daily dose of vitamin D. They will breathe fresh air. Moreover, it stimulates a child’s mind. The mind focuses differently when a person trains on a flat gym floor and outside.

The Athlete-2 gymnastic set is ultimate equipment which children will be found of. The structure offers a wide range of elements to perform exercises for an entire body.


A climbing wall

Gymnastic rings

A liana climber

Parallel bars

A vertical climber

Monkey bars

2 basketball hoops

The product is suitable for children from 6 to 12 years old.

The maximum weight of a user is 80 kg.

The equipment is not recommended to use in bad weather conditions.


Length: 7045 mm

Width: 3417 mm

Height: 3293 mm

Weight, kg: 373.6

Athlete-2 Gymnastik Set S723

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