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Monkey Bar Gymnastic Set S725

Monkey Bar Gymnastic Set S725

We generally spend too much time indoors. Outdoor activities allow to enjoy the sun, fresh air and all the elements. It’s invigorating and has health and fitness benefits on it’s own. When children are tired of all playgrounds but still have the energy to spend, the Monkey Bar gymnastic set is a perfect option. The equipment is designed to make children enjoy gymnastic exercises. The complex enhances kids’ flexibility, endurance and strength.


Monkey bars

Parallel bars

Gymnastic rings

Vertical climbers

A platform climber

A climbing wall

The structure is suitable for children of 7-12 years.

Children are recommended to be instructed on the usage of the structure.

Since bad weather conditions can cause an injury, it is not advisable to use the set in snow, rain and strong wind.


Length: 6543 mm

Width: 2442 mm

Height: 2595 mm

Weight, kg: 398,3

Monkey Bar Gymnastic Set S725

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