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Gymnastics complex CLIMBOO 0413-1

Gymnastics complex CLIMBOO 0413-1

  • 80 x 80 mm galvanized and/or powder coated steel construction 
  • Arched platform made out of durable waterproof anti-skidding plate 
  • All screws covered with colorful plastic caps 
  • No sharp edges or chinks that would pose a danger for jamming of the head, fingers or any other body parts 
  • Safe rubber plug buttons topping the construction 
  • Double wall tunnel pipe made out of polypropylene PP 
  • Steel ropes enclosed with polypropylene, linked by durable plastic elements
Safety zone47,96 m2
Length4,82 m
Width4,01 m
Total height1,21 m
Free fall height< 0,60 m
Age range3-14 years
In accordance w/ EN standards1176-1:2017
Weight of the heaviest part [kg]26
Dimension of the biggest part [cm]255x15x5

Gymnastics complex CLIMBOO 0413-1

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