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Athletes complex WD1420

Athletes complex WD1420

90 x 90 mm impregnated, laminated wood of pine, the top is protected with polypropylene caps
Foundations are made of metal, sheltering the wood from direct contact with the ground to prevent rot and extend the products life
Anti-slip and waterproof plywood platform and climbing walls
Stainless steel screws or screws covered with plastic caps
No sharp edges or chinks that would pose a danger for jamming of the head, fingers or any other body part
Steel ropes enclosed with polypropylene, linked by durable plastic elements
Handrails and bars made out of stainless steel

Device Specifications:
Safety zone 32,10 m2
Length 2,90 m
Width 2,55 m
Total height 2,00 m
Free fall height 1,95 m
Age range 3 - 14 years
In accordance with EN standards 1176-1: 2017

Athletes complex WD1420

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