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Handpans ‘duet’

Handpans ‘duet’

The handpan ‘duet’ is an instrument with a characteristic, metallic but at the same time soft sound. It was created based on Tongue Drum, an instrument than in it’s orginal version was made of empty gas cylinder. When striking the specially profiled, metallic soundbox with the finger, you may create a beautiful, melodic tune with any rhythm. This instrument is ideally suited for spontaneous music- making on the playground or in the park. Every single child will enjoy playing the handpan, regardless of their musical abilities. Two people at a time can play the instrument. Its sound works excellently with other outdoor instruments, for example the marimba ‘stream’ or xylophone ‘echo piano’.

Technical specification:

Lenght 139cm

Width 55cm

Height 69cm

Weight 35kg

Handpans ‘duet’

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