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Available in 24H

Available in 24H
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Balance swing WD1425

90 x 90 mm pressure impregnated, laminated wood of pine, the top is protected with polypropylene an..

Bird's Nest Swing (wooden pillars only) TE412RC

Device Specifications:Length: 1860 mmWidth: 3327 mmTotal height: 2138 mm..

Climboo WD1426

90 x 90 mm pressure impregnated, laminated wood of pine, the top is protected with polypropylene an..

Gymnastics complex CLIMBOO 0413-1

Material Specification • Galvanized and/or powder coated steel 80 x 80 mm construction; • Pan..

Gymnastics complex S831.12

We all admire the guys who perform all those difficult exercises on the horizontal bars. Workout ha..

Pyramid 0419-1

Galvanized and/or powder coated steel construction Steel ropes enclosed with polypropylene, lin..

Seesaw TE222

Device SpecificationsSafety zone: 19,50 m2Length: 2,50 mWidth: 0,56 mTotal height: 0,54 mFree fall h..

Spring "Basketball" 0619

Steel 20 mm spring phosphoresced with iron and powder coated Other elements made out of atmos..

Swing for everyone ST1494

80 x 80 mm galvanized and/or powder coated steel construction No sharp edges or chinks that wou..

Swing for two WD1422

90 x 90 mm pressure impregnated, laminated wood of pine, the top is protected with polypropylene and..

SWING WD1423-1

Description:Safety zone 18,00 m2Length 3.16 mWidth 1,94 mTotal&nb..

Bench InterAtletika LP062

Characteristics:Length: 1620 mmWidth: 539 mmHeight: 690 mm..

Chest Press - Lat Pull Down SE101-102

Dimensions:Length: 1 584 mmWidth: 875 mmHeight: 1 948 mm..

Double swing on the wooden uprights ТE404

Double swing on the wooden uprights Т404For children from 6 to 12 years. Maximum user weight - 80kg...

Hut shelter with a sandbox InterAtletika TE322

Device SpecificationsLength: 2945 mmWidth: 2064 mmTotal height: 1955 mmFree fall height: 0,43 mAge r..

Outdoor trainer SE109

Trains and develops shoulders, bust and back muscles. Fixes posture and improves body shape. Intende..

Outdoor trainer "Skiier" SE141-T

Outdoor trainer "Skiier" SE141-TOutdoor exercise equipment reveals a new direction in working out w..

Park bench "Wave" LP002

Characteristics:Length: 1710 mmWidth: 566 mmHeight: 845 mm..

Parka bench "Doubble line" LP006

Characteristics:Length: 1710 mmWidth: 503 mmHeight: 791 mm..

Playground complex "Rancho-2" Р801.1

The Rancho 2 playground complex is a set for children outdoor playing and physical exercises. It is ..

Playground complex «Little bridge» T811

Device SpecificationsSafety zone: 56,05 m2Length: 5,15 mWidth: 3,46 mTotal height: 3,00 mFree fall h..

Sanbox With A Slide TE312

Device SpecificationsSafety zone: 36,40 m2Length: 3,62 mWidth: 2,50 mTotal height: 2,57 mAge range: ..

Spring toy "Caterpillar" TE234

Device SpecificationsSafety zone: 12,75 m2Length: 0,73 mWidth: 0,42 mTotal height: 0,79 mFree fall h..

Spring toy «Car» ТE205

From now on with the Jeep Spring Rider by InterAtletika kids will have an opportunity to ride their ..

Spring toy «Helicopter» Т209

The Helicopter Spring Rider will add tonnes of play value. It is built for children of 3-6 years ol..

Spring toy «Motorcycle» Т207

Device SpecificationsSafety zone: 13,45 m2Length 1,05 mWidth: 0,32 mTotal height: 1,06 mFree fall he..