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Flower pots

Flower pots
Brand: GoPlay Product Code: RE61
The flowerpot Brno 46 l  has an elegant and functional design, with aesthetic appearance thanks to the wooden and lacquered steel parts. It can improve the appearance of both the city and the garden. DimensionsHeight 53 cmDiameter 50 cmCapacity 46 LColoursMahogany..
Brand: GoPlay Product Code: RE69
The flowerpot Capri 46 l, with elegant and functional design, is the best choice if you have only asphalt or paving for a base and with it you can create a coherent and elegant urban look.Standard color RAL 7016DimensionsHeight 53 cmDiameter 50 cmCapacity 46 LContact us and..
Brand: GoPlay Product Code: RE63
The Malaga flowerpot 46l offers many possibilities for indoor and outdoor decoration. Compact size, interesting design for easy and tasteful greening of a terrace, office or urban garden. Standard colour RAL 7016 DimensionsHeight 53 cmDiameter 50 cmCapacity 46 L&n..
Brand: GoPlay Product Code: RE62
Flowerpot Neapol 80 l - original design, sturdy lacquered steel construction sure to make indoor or outdoor spaces particularly attractive. The Neapol flowerpot is another in the series of urban flowerpots. Standard RAL 7016. DimensionsHeight 59 cmDiameter 60 c..
Brand: GoPlay Product Code: RE66
The flowerpot Oslo 80l has a laconic design and a sturdy lacquered steel construction. It makes it easy to create a natural space in an urban environment. It fits perfectly with the other flowerpots in the series. Standard colour RAL 7016. DimensionsHeight 59 cmDiameter ..
Brand: GoPlay Product Code: RE64
Flowerpot Ostrava 80l with modern design and robust lacquered steel construction create an original effect. It is particularly suitable for shopping centers and passages, but also fits perfectly into urban environments. It fits perfectly with the other flowerpots in the series, offering endless ..
Brand: GoPlay Product Code: RE67
Flowerpot Porto 46 l. It is particularly useful in areas where there is a small amount of greenery. They are therefore used in both shopping centres and sales areas. Strategically placed flowerpots not only have a decorative function but can, for example, block vehicular access to areas not inte..
Brand: GoPlay Product Code: RE68
The flowerpot Split 80l is a good choice for areas where concrete and similar surfaces predominate. Interesting design, robust lacquered steel construction offering a wide range of design possibilities. It fits perfectly with the other flowerpots in the urban series.Standard colour RAL 7016. ..
Brand: GoPlay Product Code: RE65
The flowerpot Valencia 46l attracts attention with its original design. Contemporary design and sturdy lacquered steel construction. It is made for urban use. By combining, for example, the REKORD urban bench with planters, it is easy to create an interesting yet functional space. Stand..
Brand: GoPlay Product Code: RE60
Urban flowerpot Malta 80l is a combination of black steel and wood. The classic look with wooden slats allow it to fit perfectly into indoor or outdoor design. It fits perfectly with the other flowerpots in the series. DimensionsHeight 55 cmDiameter 70 cmCapacity 80 ..
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