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Artificial grass

Artificial grass

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Artificial grass GEO 40

Specifications:Pile Type: fibrillatedDTEX: 8800Manufacturer: ChinaHeight, mm: 40Purpose: football..

Artificial grass Deluxe summer plus U 25мм

Specifications:Pile Type: MonofilamentDTEX: 12500Manufacturer: ChinaHeight, mm: 25Purpose: landscape..

Artificial grass GEO 15

Specifications:Pile Type: fibrillatedDTEX: 6600Manufacturer: ChinaHeight, mm: 15Purpose: Tennis..

Artificial grass Levada

Characteristics:Pile type: fibrillatedDTEX: 1500Manufacturer: UkraineHeight, mm: 15Purpose: landscap..

Artificial grass PAT

Specifications:Pile Type: MonofilamentDTEX: 12000Manufacturer: ItalyHeight, mm: 40-60Purpose: Footba..

Artificial grass Roof 8

Specifications:Pile Type: fibrillatedDTEX: 2200Manufacturer: ChinaHeight, mm: 8Purpose: landscape..

Artificial grass Sit-in 15

Specifications:Pile type: fibrillatedDTEX: 8800Manufacturer: ItalyHeight, mm: 15Purpose: tennis / vo..

Artificial grass Sit-in 20

Specifications:Pile Type: fibrillatedDTEX: 6600Manufacturer: ItalyHeight, mm: 20Purpose: tennis, vol..