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Swing Nest

Swing Nest
Swing Nest
Swing Nest
Swing Nest
Swing Nest
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Swing Nest  is perfectly suited for indoors or outdoors. Different colors and special design make these swings suitable for everyone! They fit and refresh the view anywhere. Swing will be great for kids and also adults!

The rope cord has high durability and ease. The material does not absorb moisture, suitable for different weather conditions.

Available in different sizes (100 cm; 120 cm; 130 cm; 150 cm) and different colors at your request!


Diameter: 100 cm

Total length: 260 cm

Twine length: 255 cm,  adjustable length 

Diameter of twine: 8 mm; 10 mm

The required distance from the ground: at least 40-50 cm

Material: Polypropylene

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